Exhale & Inspire – Air Time

Can you feel it?

The lessening of pressure. The breath of fresh air. The sensation of unwinding and rewinding.

What’s that about?

Working backwards, Taurus time had us stress baking, Aries time had us railing against the system, Pisces time brought confusion and difficulties with keeping proper boundaries. Social distancing commenced as the Sun and Saturn entered fixed air Aquarius. The New Year greeted the world with a 5 planet Capricorn stellium and a somber tone. Jupiter and Pluto remain in Capricorn. Earth energy pressurizing and weighing on us. 

With the recent retrogrades, we’re returning to an earlier time. Restrictions are beginning to be lifted. Alternate side of the street parking has returned to NYC.

April 25, 2020 Pluto Stations Retrograde until Oct 4, 2020 Station Direct

May 10, 2020 Saturn Stations Retrograde until Sept 28, 2020

May 13, 2020 Venus Stations Retrograde until June 25, 2020 Station Direct

May 14, 2020 Jupiter Stations Retrograde until Sept 12, 2020 Station Direct

When a retrograde planet stations direct and begins to move out from the degrees of the retrograde shadow, we regain perspective. Take note of the dates above to see when perspective shifted and will shift again. Now we can collectively catch our breath and prepare for the long haul in late summer/early autumn.

We are informed by making another lap, back tracking to where we have been to get closer to the issue.   When planets appear to retrograde, they are essentially coming closest to the Earth.  This proximity is experienced as an intensification which can scramble our bearings.

If you can keep your wits about you while all others are losing theirs – yours is the Earth. (Rudyard Kipling- Capricorn Sun/Jupiter, Gemini Moon/MC)

We return to see what we missed the first time.  Back to the scene of the crime, the spleen of the chyme, the queen of the prime, the keen of the mime, the blade of the mind. It is Gemini time and we will have a month ahead of wit and wisecracks, repartee, ripostes and raillery.

The point of these aphorisms is a re-minder to use this limited period of freedom wisely. Don’t run with scissors. The handling of all keen edges requires training and experience. Now the Sun, Mercury, Venus and the North Node are in Gemini, the sign of mutable air, the most movable and airiest of air. The energy is kinetic, curious, mental and frantic. Gemini time is about games, not of chance, but of learning and development. 

Create. Relate. Participate. Collaborate. Be inspired and inspiring.

Look to more Air ahead.  Jupiter will conjoin Saturn at 0° Aquarius on the Winter Solstice, the first day in the sign of Capricorn.  December 21, 2020 is the official start of the next Jupiter/Saturn great conjunction, a 200-year elemental cycle that expresses the arc of time. 

We are now in an Earth cycle which was preceded by a Fire cycle and will be followed by the coming Air cycle. During an Earth cycle material practicalities occupy us: farming, mining, development of land, attainment of wealth, and creation of societal structures.

Before a cycle ends, there is a 20-year toe dip of the next cycle that tests the waters to give a preliminary view through the keyhole of time. Our 20-year sneak peak of Air occurred from 1980-2000 when computers and the internet came to the fore. As the 200-year cycle of Air approaches, we are already seeing the upswing of online and cellular technology as the primary mode of communication.  

We will need mental acuity for what comes next. Sharpen your sword.

April Libra Full Moon Haiku

What did the Moon see?
A gang of robbers hiding
social privilege.

The state of Georgia was founded on January 2, 1788.  A natal chart for Georgia set for noon shows an Ascendant of 18°10’ Libra. Today’s April 7, 2020 Moon occurs at 10:35 pm Eastern at 18°43’ Libra.  The Sabian Symbol for this degree in Libra is a gang of robbers hiding.

The sign of Libra strives for balance between polarities with a higher expression of social justice and dedication to humanity at large. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus.  Venus generally rules personal values, vocalization, financial standing, beauty and concordance. Venus is presently out of bounds by declination.  This OOB Venus crosses the line in order to have more, to be greedy, to over indulge, with acquisitiveness, avarice, rapacity and grasping behavior.

Venus is presently in the sign of Gemini. Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, presently in detriment in the sign of Pisces. Jupiter rules Pisces and governs big business, wealth, gambling, speculative ventures and the law. Jupiter is presently in detriment in the sign of Capricorn. When planets are in signs of their detriment, it is less likely that they can serve in their higher expression.

Kelly Loeffler, the Senator for Georgia has professed to dumping $18 million in retail stocks and purchasing shares in companies selling Personal Protective Equipment such as medical gowns, and telework software companies after receiving classified briefings on Coronavirus.  Her husband is the CEO of Intercontinental Exchange and a chairman of the NY Stock Exchange.

David Purdue, the other Senator for Georgia, increased his stock transactions nearly threefold after receiving classified briefings on Coronavirus. He purchased stock from a chemical company that supplies Protective Personal Equipment and stock from streaming entertainment provider Netflix while selling his shares in Caesar Entertainment, a casino company whose properties has been shuttered due to the COVID-19 crisis.

According to Senate rules, their actions do not constitute insider trading.

Justice is Libra’s Tarot Card. Justice seeks accountability, equilibrium, truth, fairness and the law.

Today, the Wisconsin polling areas are surrounded by people in line 6 feet apart, exercising their right to vote. The Supreme Court handed down a decision yesterday evening forcing Wisconsin residents to choose between voting and staying safe. Some voters are willing to risk their lives in order to safeguard American democracy.

The five conservative justices on the Supreme Court rolled back an absentee-ballot extension that would have provided voters another week to submit ballots by mail. Their decision is a portentous sign of what actions the Court will allow elected officials to get away with during the COVID-19 outbreak, even as those actions impair our representative democracy.

The goings on in this one state may not seem important now but Wisconsin is a battleground state. Voters in big cities are more liberal. Blocking mail ballots will skew results in a conservative direction. This has implications with electoral college votes in the upcoming Presidential election.

In a constitutional republic, voters voices should be heard, not silenced. Recall that the planet that governs the voice is Venus. Venus’s wish is not only for ease and luxury but also harmony, truth and balance. If this current crisis has you on overload, evaluate your life, weigh your choices and make what matters most a priority. Look to your relationship with others, yourself, what you value and hold sacred. Nourish your authenticity and preserve your integrity – even if others do not.

2020: Draw the Line

Image Credit: Trish O’Brian

This year in 2020 we draw the line between our life up until this year and our life yet to come.  The great sacred cycles of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto set this in motion.

Jupiter is the grace of expansion, knowledge which begets wisdom, faith, belief, and growth.  Jupiter is the cosmic Santa who gives gifts to the Solar sect born and challenges to the Lunar sect born. Saturn delineates the line as the Guardian of the Threshold.  Saturn is the last planet that can be seen with the naked eye and thus represents represents structure, boundaries and restrictions.  Pluto is power that transforms in the cycle of life, birth/death/rebirth. Pluto represents the intensification of evolution and shedding of what no longer serves, in order to be renewed. 

On January 12, 2020, Saturn meets Pluto for the first time since 1982/1983. Saturn shows us the patterns of our lives that we have ingrained through habits, good and bad.  Pluto amplifies Saturn, setting us on the path to the next iteration of ourselves by separating wheat from chaff and closing out this past, significant chapter of our lives. We’re on the last pages and ending this journal, ready to put it on the shelves and open a fresh new book to write our lives into. Everywhere we find Saturnian bounds and closures all around you and the fresh rumblings of what Pluto has in the Underworld ready to sprout and be renewed.

On December 21, 2020, Jupiter conjoins with Saturn in Aquarius.  Jupiter Saturn conjunctions occur every 20 years and every 200 years, conjunctions occur in the same element. In 2020 Jupiter Saturn conjunction will occur in Air for the first time since 1425.  The past 200 years we have seen Jupiter Saturn conjoin in Earth from from 1802-2000, from 1603-1802 in Fire, from 1425-1603 in Water, and from 1226-1425 in Air.

On April 4, June 30, and November 12, 2020, Jupiter conjoins with Pluto.   Jupiter Pluto conjunctions occur every 13 years. Expansion, growth, optimism meets with power, control and intensity in a cycle at three points of this year. Get down to the essential.  Strip to core beliefs for the coming change, which will be revised and then integrated in Capricorn and focused on 23°-25° of that house.  

On December 19, 2017, Saturn shifted into Capricorn. Saturn in Capricorn is Cardinal Earth, with the principles of self control and ambition.  The elemental energetics are solid, heavy, cold and dry; they separate and sunder.  Saturn in Capricorn asks that we pull ourselves up by our bootstraps with the ability rely on our own resources through hard work, discipline and responsibility.  What does not serve is cut out, in order to achieve we need to limit and contain.  

On March 23, 2020, Saturn shifts into Aquarius for 10 weeks. Saturn gives us a sneak peak of life beyond the line.  Saturn in Aquarius is Fixed Air, with the principles of individualism, freedom and fellowship. The elemental energetics are gaseous, light, hot and wet; they coalesce and commingle. Saturn in Aquarius asks that we achieve tangible goals through humanitarian social approval and progressive, future-oriented, inventiveness.  
On July 2, 2020, Saturn returns to Capricorn as the cleanup hitter until December 17, 2020.  Saturn brings in the runs that you have set up on the bases during his transit in Capricorn. 

On December 18, 2020, Saturn ingresses into Aquarius to remain until May 30, 2023.  Heavy vs. Light, Cold vs. Hot, Dry vs. Wet: you will feel the change in elemental energetics when the signs shift from Capricorn to Aquarius. 

This year you will meet your darkness. Accept it.  Bury remains appropriately.  Focus on what you need deep down in order to create the foundation for your emerging new self.  This will likely hurt but don’t be afraid.  Do course corrections as required. 

You may need to surrender control should loss come.  Stay grounded, do the work, and put into place supports for the new processes.  Being peeled away are the not-you constructs of society and clan that claim you should become a doctor, lawyer, chief. The crucible of these great cycles burns that away. What remains will be stripped down to the line, to the truth of your personal alchemy. Now plot your course and implement your path.