Living in the Material World

Art by Helena Nelson-Reed

Blessed Ostara! The Spring Equinox occurs this evening when the Sun ingresses into Aries 10 minutes before midnight. Living in the material world, we need to be aware that the Earth is alive and reacting to the care and neglect by our hands. (humming George Harrison here, not Madonna)

We thank Mother Earth for her bounty. We honor the cosmos for keeping time along which we can align our lives to. Astrologically the planets are below the horizon in the Washington, D.C. Aries Ingress chart and here in the US, practically no one is out and about. Even the North Node in Cancer is pointing us home.

The Aries Sun is in the domestic 4th house of hearth and family, guiding us to stay close to home and focus our will there. The Aquarius Moon is in the 3rd house of locality and connection. We can still communicate emotionally on the interwebs and keep with social distancing.

Fixed Scorpio rises on the Ascendant and with fixed Taurus on the 6th house of illness, there will be containment but the current state of affairs will not be over anytime soon. It will take some time to clear the disease completely (2023?) as the viruses changes, waxes, wanes and lays groundwork for a different type of infection down the road.

Mars meets Jupiter tomorrow 3/20 for a spot of luck.
Mars meets Pluto on 3/31 for a tug of war.
Mars meets Saturn 3/31 at 0° Aquarius, taking us to the next level of reality. Channel the anger and anxiety that has been constricted within to better prioritize actions for right now and the future.

Enjoy the warm, kumbaya vibes from Venus in Taurus while you can. This changes April 3rd when Venus shifts to Gemini for a different take on social distancing.

Watch that clump of planets in the 2H Aries Ingress chart. The 2H ruler is Jupiter in Fall – there will be more than one financial concern needing your attention. Clarify who and what really, truly matters to you.

January 26-28, 2019 Venus / Mars & Neptune Fog

This weekend Venus and Mars come into aspect. Sparks will fly between the feminine and the masculine.

Don’t start nothing, won’t be nothing. 

1/26/2020: Venus square Mars from 16° Pisces to 16° Sagittarius creating tension which can be experienced as argumentative or passionate. Venus is especially sensitive now so be aware that the feminine can be challenged by the masculine. Don’t turn things into a tearful fight unless you’re looking for one and instead, consciously relate on what can become promising, on a physical or creative level.

By planetary order, Mars is located further out from the Sun than Venus. By speed of movement, Venus moves faster then Mars. In my study of astrology, I have been taught that the slower moving planet is superior to the faster planet and exerts more weight.

Is the feminine to then always be on the back foot?
Let’s look out into the galaxy, to the planetary bodies at the outer edges of our knowing. Here we find Ceres, goddess of agriculture, followed by Pluto, lord of the underworld, and then Eris, the martial lady of strife and discord. 

1/26/2020: Pluto and Eris come together for the first of five squares, this one from 23° Capricorn to 23° Aries. Pluto makes fractious Her vexation, intensifying and triggering in a way that escalates Her experience of non inclusion.  Eris is ready to throw down chaos in order to hold space, but first she must make that space to inhabit. 

Here the cosmos is teaching us to make space for feminine power. The Moon shifts from Aquarius into Pisces and airy insights turn liquid and even psychic.

1/27/2020: Venus conjunct Neptune at 16° Pisces can open us up to the wiles of glamour in which someone presents as a prince or princess when in fact, they’re a regular Joe/Josie. Rather than commit in the midst of a murky haze, rest and connect with your spirit. Flow with yoga, enjoy inspirational music or a relaxing spa day with grooming or beauty.

1/28/2020: Mars square Neptune from 16°Sagittarius to 16° Pisces brings in a weighty fog that slows us down into a torpor, obscures and confuses. This is not the time to work on that puzzle that has been confounding you. Escape with a suspenseful mystery on film or make art.

The Pisces Moon meets with Venus and Neptune amplifying the feels. Allow yourself to disentangle and unfurl. Settle your soul with soothing repose and a long soaking bath. Take this tranquility time to dream and reflect on what you are grateful for.

Slow. Flow. Let Go.

We are surrounded by mist that cloud clarity. Take care how you navigate. This fog will make it easy over the weekend for Venus and Mars to fall into an affray.

Mars is now in the fires of Sagittarius. He is egocentric but has no dignity. Mars will be quick to assert himself without considering others, manspreading on public transit while the pregnant lady is holding on to the ceiling strap.

The way is murky now. Venus exalted in Pisces cautions us to be aware that others are sharing the space. Take it slow and make the effort to reach out with sensitivity because you are not here alone. Venus guides us to invite them all to the party, most especially Eris.

Make space. Hold space. There is space enough for everyone.

2020: Draw the Line

Image Credit: Trish O’Brian

This year in 2020 we draw the line between our life up until this year and our life yet to come.  The great sacred cycles of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto set this in motion.

Jupiter is the grace of expansion, knowledge which begets wisdom, faith, belief, and growth.  Jupiter is the cosmic Santa who gives gifts to the Solar sect born and challenges to the Lunar sect born. Saturn delineates the line as the Guardian of the Threshold.  Saturn is the last planet that can be seen with the naked eye and thus represents represents structure, boundaries and restrictions.  Pluto is power that transforms in the cycle of life, birth/death/rebirth. Pluto represents the intensification of evolution and shedding of what no longer serves, in order to be renewed. 

On January 12, 2020, Saturn meets Pluto for the first time since 1982/1983. Saturn shows us the patterns of our lives that we have ingrained through habits, good and bad.  Pluto amplifies Saturn, setting us on the path to the next iteration of ourselves by separating wheat from chaff and closing out this past, significant chapter of our lives. We’re on the last pages and ending this journal, ready to put it on the shelves and open a fresh new book to write our lives into. Everywhere we find Saturnian bounds and closures all around you and the fresh rumblings of what Pluto has in the Underworld ready to sprout and be renewed.

On December 21, 2020, Jupiter conjoins with Saturn in Aquarius.  Jupiter Saturn conjunctions occur every 20 years and every 200 years, conjunctions occur in the same element. In 2020 Jupiter Saturn conjunction will occur in Air for the first time since 1425.  The past 200 years we have seen Jupiter Saturn conjoin in Earth from from 1802-2000, from 1603-1802 in Fire, from 1425-1603 in Water, and from 1226-1425 in Air.

On April 4, June 30, and November 12, 2020, Jupiter conjoins with Pluto.   Jupiter Pluto conjunctions occur every 13 years. Expansion, growth, optimism meets with power, control and intensity in a cycle at three points of this year. Get down to the essential.  Strip to core beliefs for the coming change, which will be revised and then integrated in Capricorn and focused on 23°-25° of that house.  

On December 19, 2017, Saturn shifted into Capricorn. Saturn in Capricorn is Cardinal Earth, with the principles of self control and ambition.  The elemental energetics are solid, heavy, cold and dry; they separate and sunder.  Saturn in Capricorn asks that we pull ourselves up by our bootstraps with the ability rely on our own resources through hard work, discipline and responsibility.  What does not serve is cut out, in order to achieve we need to limit and contain.  

On March 23, 2020, Saturn shifts into Aquarius for 10 weeks. Saturn gives us a sneak peak of life beyond the line.  Saturn in Aquarius is Fixed Air, with the principles of individualism, freedom and fellowship. The elemental energetics are gaseous, light, hot and wet; they coalesce and commingle. Saturn in Aquarius asks that we achieve tangible goals through humanitarian social approval and progressive, future-oriented, inventiveness.  
On July 2, 2020, Saturn returns to Capricorn as the cleanup hitter until December 17, 2020.  Saturn brings in the runs that you have set up on the bases during his transit in Capricorn. 

On December 18, 2020, Saturn ingresses into Aquarius to remain until May 30, 2023.  Heavy vs. Light, Cold vs. Hot, Dry vs. Wet: you will feel the change in elemental energetics when the signs shift from Capricorn to Aquarius. 

This year you will meet your darkness. Accept it.  Bury remains appropriately.  Focus on what you need deep down in order to create the foundation for your emerging new self.  This will likely hurt but don’t be afraid.  Do course corrections as required. 

You may need to surrender control should loss come.  Stay grounded, do the work, and put into place supports for the new processes.  Being peeled away are the not-you constructs of society and clan that claim you should become a doctor, lawyer, chief. The crucible of these great cycles burns that away. What remains will be stripped down to the line, to the truth of your personal alchemy. Now plot your course and implement your path. 

V/R, Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto

The great conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn occurring near a year of the USA national presidential elections often presage a deadly incident to the elected principle.  This pattern shows in years evenly divisible by 20 and has been known as the Curse of Tippecanoe. Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley and Kennedy were taken by assassination after Jupiter Saturn conjunctions. Reagan, who had the guidance of Joan Quigley, survived an attack in 1981.

By 1982/1983 the cycle of Saturn conjoin Pluto was in effect. The Reagan administration had brought on the rise of conservatives in the US, an escalation of the Cold War and a severe economic recession, the worst financial downturn since the Great Depression. In the same period, the CDC identified the HIV infection and the World Health Organization met for the first time to discuss the global AIDS epidemic. The computer was selected as Time Magazine’s person of the year and Motorola introduced the first mobile phones to retail.

The previous Saturn Pluto conjunction in 1946/1947 brought the end to WWII as the USA installed a new world order, beginning the Cold War. The influx of highly contagious Polio was infecting children worldwide, causing paralysis and death. The World Health Organization was created, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted. The first mobile phone was invented and the American pilot Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier, traveling faster than the speed of sound.

The Saturn Pluto conjunction of 1914/1915 began WWI as colonial expansionist empires came to collapse, causing the first massive death toll of 37 million from poisonous gas warfare. Women were empowered, advocating for suffrage with a march on 5th Avenue in NYC. Alexander Graham Bell initiated transcontinental telephone service with the first long distance call.

The Saturn Pluto conjunction of 1518 CE brought the fall of the Aztec empire and the conquests of Spain. The Dancing Plague strikes Strasbourg in the Holy Roman Empire. The infected are struck with an uncontrollable urge to dance, dying from exhaustion, stroke and heart seizure. Martin Luther’s writings are condemned as conflicting with the teachings of the church. The Royal College of Physicians is founded in London and receives a royal charter to study and classify disease. Ambroise Pare and Leonard Botal of France, Bartholomeo Maggi of Bologna, Felix Wurtz of Zurich and Thomas Gale of England separately publish their work, pioneering the treatment of gunshot wounds and forensic pathology with surgical technique and battlefield medicine.

The Saturn Pluto conjunction of 1284 CE brought Kublai Khan to power. Marco Polo returns to Europe to write his Book of Various Experiences, communicating his adventures in Asia. The book enjoys widespread reading. Prussia is infected with a new species of worms with poisonous sting and swarms of flies bring pestilential fever to Spain which decimate the French Army warring on Arragon. A sheep from Spain is imported to England and causes the first rot which infects the country, lasting for 25 year and leaving few sheep alive. The Chinese develop the first prototype cannon.

The Saturn Pluto conjunction of 783 CE brought Charlemagne to power. He launched a 30 year military campaign to conquer the lands of what would ultimately become Europe. Viking raiders led their own conquests, raiding by land and sea. The Huns brought the seeds of the first plague pandemic from Central Asia which spread from Egypt to the Mediterranean. The Chinese invent gunpowder primarily for fireworks. The Abbasids take control of the Omayyad Caliphate and extend power, improving communications within the empire and founding schools and towns. Wu Hou becomes Empress of China, strengthening the T’ang Dynasty as the first woman to reign.

If the past tells the tale for the future, the messages from Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto point to collapse of old power structures, identification of epidemic illness, pandemic loss of life, advances in technology, communication, medicine and demonstrations of human rights.

Vrroom, Brume & Fume

Engines are revved high and we’re at the intersection of boundless sensitivity and conflicting insights.  It’s a mixed bag of brume and fume as Mars in Virgo squares Jupiter in Sagittarius, Sun in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces, and Moon in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus.  

Dreams are heightened as an expansion of the mysteries pervades.  Jupiter square Neptune is one of the signature aspects of 2019 and through retrograde motion comes to square three times this year.  The January 13th and  June 16th squares have passed and we are rolling up to the 3rd square on September 21st.  Jupiter can expand only to the limits of Saturn, Neptune knows no limits.  When they come together in a square, follow your dreams but don’t lose touch with reality.

It has a been a tough year of being tested and taking on hard work with Saturn, Pluto and the South Node in Capricorn.  Hopefully, you’ve used the Jupiter in Sagittarius opportunities of spirit and luck to establish optimistic dreams into being and to raise your frequency.  If so, the Virgo Earth season  presents outcomes that rejuvenate belief in yourself and your abilities.

The potential of spirit amplifies into expression. Inspiration becomes manifestation through perspiration.

The Sun conjunction to Mars is still in effect which motivates us to push forward despite the dreamy fog around us.  If Mars is happy in your astrology chart, propitiate him. Use inspiration to act in a mindful way.

Later in the week, energy shifts on the lunation when Mercury, ruler of Virgo leaves his home sign and Venus, ruler of Libra enters her home sign.  We’ll be less meticulous and more articulate, less practical and more diplomatic, less analytical and more personable.

Emotionally we are ramping up with the Jupiter ruled Pisces Full Moon. Find time to rest. Go for a swim or take a bath. Make art. Dance to music. Sling some tarot or oracle cards. Seek healing. Be generous to yourself and others.

On the Edge of Moon Madness

Around the time of the Perigee Lunar Libration, emotions will be on the edge.  There is a keen state of excitement, palpable risk or danger. Take care.  This is a precarious time when people affected by this type of lunation can push past the boundaries of acceptable behavior into lunacy.

The point on the Moon’s orbit when closest to the Earth is called Perigee. When at Perigee, the Moon’s orbital speed is faster than its rotational speed. This causes the Moon to rock and wobble, north to south and east to west in a Lunar Libration.

When a New Moon or Full Moon occurs the Moon’s perigee, it is known as a Supermoon.  The nearness of the Supermoon lunation to Earth and the speed and motion of the Lunar Libration coincides with an escalation in the expression of our emotions.

Be cautious of your surroundings this August for a week at the beginning of the month and a week at the end of the month.  The proximity of Mars to the lunations amplifies ill temper and impulsiveness.  The New Moon in Leo and the New Moon in Virgo are subject to a measure of moon madness.

No More Mr. Nice Guy

Transiting Cancer Moon aspecting today’s Leo Sun square Uranus can bring a surprising ego irritant to your emotions. Not everyone has the grace to appreciate or value your kindness. People can suck. Be kind and shine anyway. Let go of disenchantment and don’t let others hold you back. You’ll better magnetize to you what you want and deserve.

Uranus to Moon has flow to take the extra step with a solution while the semi sextile of Sun to Moon is in aversion. Reaching out to help brings benefit to another who overlooks those efforts. Better to remain in your own power with Sun in Leo/ Moon in Cancer, highly dignified in domicile. Don’t get stuck in the mire after getting triggered. Focus on your agenda.

Jupiter square Neptune, Saturn sextile Neptune & Neptune Rx

Neptune Retrogrades at the Summer Solstice, the Sun at highest peak on the longest day. Glamours are dissipated. Dreams intensify as the fog clears. We can see through the illusion to do the practical work of inspiration manifestation. 
Jupiter Neptune augments aptitude and application of our spiritual magick, expanding our philosophy.  Saturn Neptune provides an intuitive reality check. Do mantras with your malas. Build a discipline of spirituality with a routine practice. 

Jupiter squares Neptune as the second Saturn sextile Neptune aspect of 2019 occurs this June. The first pass initiated in late January, the third and final occurs in November. Where are you now on your journey?

Virgo Moon conjoins Regulus

This weekend held the world in thrall with the royal wedding of Meghan and Harry.  Some awaited with baited breath to clock the time of the proceedings which gives the marriage chart an early degree Virgo Rising.

Today’s Virgo Moon conjoins the marriage chart Ascendant and the Fixed Star, Regulus.  Fixed Stars are a category of stars that move so slowly they appear static from our viewpoint on Earth.  Unlike the planets and other stars that wander and flicker along the ecliptic, the Fixed Stars shine with a fixity and intentness.

Of the Fixed Stars, four are the Royal Stars and Guardians of the sky.  They mark the compass points East/West, North/South accordingly – Aldebaran, Antares, Fomalhaut and the Regulus, the most Royal.   If you seeking to instill a long lasting mark, elect a chart with the important astrological factor conjoin the appropriate Fixed Star.

Regulus, Alpha Leonis, the brightest star in the constellation of Leo is known as the King Maker. This star is associated with dignity, courage, fame, elevated position, and royalty.  This weekend, Leo actress, stylista and humanitarian, Meghan Markle married royalty to become the entitled Her Royal Highness, Princess of Wales and Duchess of Sussex.

Markle Wed.jpg

Ceres, the asteroid of feminine fertility, rises in the first house of the marriage chart to conjoin Meghan’s Sun.  Juno the asteroid of marriage is conjoin the marriage chart Midheaven.  In her natal chart, Meghan’s Ceres is being expanded by transiting Jupiter retrograding back and forth at the doorway of her fruitful Scorpio 5th house, the house of pleasure and creative acts.

Meghan’s Ceres is followed by Uranus, Neptune, Juno, Moon and Vesta.  Keywords for these energies in the sequence in which these planetary energies will rise above the horizon are fertility –> surprise –> fantasy –> marriage –> motherhood –> hearth and home.  That this mirrors the timeline of the newest royal couple’s coupling, we will see.


If you’re shocked that a stylish American divorcee pulled off the wedding of the century with her beloved royal prince, note that Meghan and Harry are right on time tracking with the Universe.  The last time Uranus was in Taurus 82 years ago for an 8 year stay, a stylish American divorcee caught the eye of a royal prince.

Edward, the man who would be King, stepped down from the throne to win Wallis Simpson.  Edward VIII rubbed shoulders with das Fuhrer, who sought to restore Ed to the British throne as the abdication prevented his Nazi sympathizer politics from becoming those of the UK.

How very shocking it is that these American’s married into the royal family?  You decide.  Breakdown. Breakthrough.