Gemini New Moon 2016

The Gemini New Moon on June 4th reawakens the Mutable Grand Cross with a conjunction to Venus, squaring Jupiter and North Node in Virgo, squaring Neptune and South Node in Pisces and opposing Saturn in Sagittarius.

Gemini is a sign of duality.  There will be options coming in from the angles of the Mutual Grand Cross.  Time your choices accordingly in this month ahead.

NM Gemini 2016

Neptune in Pisces brings illusion, confusion and awakens Spirit in your process.  South Node in Pisces is our internal introspection, musing isolated in our silos.  Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo are critical of our knowledge base and the health of our self-care.   Seek a path to mastery.  Look into that class you always planned to take.  Prepare to acquire that certification in your chosen field.

Venus is cazimi June 4-6, 2016 , within 17 minutes of the Sun.  An activation of the Gemini Venus Star Point occurs at the time of the New Moon, a bright moment to manifest the benefic vibration of Venus.  Sun Venus answers to Mercury:  Speak your truth.  Say aloud what you dream for yourself and the world.  Access the planetary factors this way and active your thymus gland.  Words have Magick.  More tomorrow with a Ritual for this Esbat.




Henchmen on Horseback

Mars and Saturn have been traveling together in the same patch of the Sagittarius sky, malefic henchmen seeking to do what exactly?

The term Henchman originated as a term for one who attended to an employer’s horse and then became the title for an official providing service to a noble’s house.  You- you’re the noble.  Mars and Saturn? They are not the bad guys, they’re your guys.

Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius is the in-breath to the out-breath, a meditation of control to activate our wisdom.  Saturn provides structure to our plans, gifting tough love obstacles to better prepare us for the challenges on our path in our acquisition of knowledge.  Saturn Stations Direct on August 13 at 9° Scorpio.

Mars returned to Scorpio on May 27th, holding back the tide and allowing us to emotionally ruminate on the new plan on our agenda.  Mars here reiterates the lessons learned  during Saturn’s traversal of Scorpio from October 2012 to September 17, 2015 and shines his own special red glow, an ember which you can save in your brazier to fan into flame at month’s end.

Henchman on horsebackHenchman on horseback

Hygiea Stations Direct as Justice Dept defends bathrooms

A well spoken Attorney General Loretta Lynch challenges House bill #2 aka the “bathroom bill”- as Hygeia Stations Direct today and the Retrograde planets pull us back in time to when bathroom use was regulated according to a particular flavor of personhood.

The Retrogrades – Mercury, Mars, Saturn and Pluto- have us circling back in an opportunity to review an issue and get it right. See how the message changes when Mercury Stations Direct on or around May 22nd and what shifts in this fight for that right when Mars Stations Direct on or around June 29th.

And yes, apparently the God/dess has a sense of humor. Bathroom bill #2?!


Mercury into the Heart of the Sun

nasa-mercury-transit sun

A rare Mercury cazimi eclipses the Sun as Jupiter Stations Direct.

Can you feel it? Notice a shift?

Mercury is still Rx but you’re not. You’re energized. Expanded. Taking constructive measures.

Don’t be afraid to take part in communication, writing, speaking and networking that has been smoldering for too long now. Listen for that important message that’s just for you.  

Our mind and our purpose are ONE. That clarity you feel is real.

Cardinal T-Square & Grand Cross

Since Imbolc this year, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto have been squaring off in a triangulation called a T-Square.  This astrological pattern occurs when two planets are in opposition to each other and a third one squares off each of them in a right angle, placing itself directly in their midst.


To find this in your Whole Sign chart:

The Opposition- Place Jupiter in your Cancer house. Place Pluto in your Capricorn House.     The Square – Place Uranus in your Aries house.

Come April, all of this comes to a head when Mars enters to oppose Uranus.

Place Mars in your Libra house.

A week before Beltane, the triangulation will become a true square with all four planets at 90 degrees squaring off against each other.   This aspect perfects on April 23rd  at 13 degrees of the Cardinal Signs.

This is an incredibly tense aspect that cannot be ignored.  Cardinal signs Act and they Act Fast. Whatever it is that you need to deal with will be coming around the corner, right at you.  Do not attempt to try to avoid whatever it is, even if it hurts.

Face up. Face off.

Are any of these planets aspecting the natal planets of you or yours? Make a plan on what to do if this is happening.  If you need help, click my Facebook link at the top right and send me a message to schedule a consultation.