Solstice June 20, 2021

Summer Solstice, the longest day, begins in the Northern Hemisphere and Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere. This kicks off Cancer month, one of the four Cardinal points that start the seasons. In the US today we celebrate Father’s Day and Midsummer-Litha. 

Jupiter slows to turn in Pisces, backing up to re-enter Aquarius on July 29th, in retrograde until Oct 17th.  We’ve had since May 13th to preview Jupiter in Pisces and consider what is in store for 2023.

Mars in Leo opposing Saturn retrograde in Aquarius in the Solstice chart speak to the formation of obstacles and fraying of short tempers. Rather use this time to consciously reflect on expanding your dreams and working past frustrating delays to manifest your desires. You are supported by the Universe.

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Virgo Moon: Feeling Catty February 27, 2021

The Virgo New Moon perfects early today!

If you were restless last night, know that the Virgo FM is a marker for sleeplessness as it is busy making and vexing to the nerves. We can be agitated, communicating with barbs or back-biting. If you are seeking soothing feels, look to being of service to the earth. Create a habit of composting your food materials and plan a Spring garden, even if just for herbs on your window sill.

The Virgo Moon is part of a T-square with the Saturn Uranus constriction and rebellion, which is the challenging signature for 2021. The Full Moon is a tension aspect of opposition and a Mercury-ruled Moon keeps the brain firing. Use this to take care of mission-critical steps to your goals. Be discerning and feel where you embody negative patterns and use ritual to detox and cleanse. Gaze at the Moon, take deep breaths and reach for those angsty places, and then exhale out your tension and worry.

Gather your busy mind, turn within and be of service to yourself and others. The Moon reflects the light of Pisces Sun, enhancing receptivity and sensitivity. Do the work of the Sun and take a swim in your personal ocean of intuition to connect with your internal guides. Do the work of the Moon and take out your to-do list and get busy checking items off.

Follow the guidance from Moon mavens you trust, such as Ronnie of Dell Horoscope. She recommends gathering your crystals, wands, and healing tools and placing them out under the light of the Moon for deep cleansing and purification.

It is time to make a change and take some start and stop strides towards your dreams. Don’t worry about taking a step back in order to go onward. Life is rarely a straight and forward line. Follow your gut need for change and rebellion; surf that energy brewing all year so that your SHIFT HAPPENS!

Sending Full Moon blessings and love to you and all sentient beings.

p.s. The Virgo Moon rules beloved pets and small animals – h/t to cats of astrology.

Yule Solstice 2020: Dancing with the Stars

Blessings of the Winter Solstice! The Sun is reborn, energizing the Earth and all of her inhabitants. Today, the Great Mutation of Jupiter and Saturn ushers in a transition to the next era, an Age of Air. This is an epic event, a celestial chassé. For the next 200 years, a renaissance of communication, collaboration, and innovation will arise. Enhancements in art, music, medicine, and technology will be birthed from strife and conflict.

Look back to Oct 26. 1980-August 13, 1981 when Jupiter and Saturn met for a brief preview of air themes in the early degrees of Libra. Now as then, we are being called to evolve and unfold our potential to become our more authentic selves. We will be leaving behind the unbridled materialism of the last 200 years of the Earth era as we edge forward to expand communities of learning, healing, and social justice.

The symbol of Air is the Sword. Honor and cut loose from the chaos and tragedy of 2020. We have been tempered in 2020 with hammer blows; our broken places, reforged. We keep hold of the lessons brought in this past year and decade.  Today, we entreat the bountiful divine to guide us forward with goals to manifest our potentials.

Find some time to go outside at sunset and look into the heavens for Jupiter and Saturn conjoined, dancing together by declination. Breathe the crisp air. Ruminate in the rich darkness.  Mentally select the seeds to sow and sprout. Speak your spells and truths aloud. Trust your mind and follow your heart. Happy Yule!

Fortunate Friday the 13th

Celebrate Friday the 13th with women’s wisdom and spirituality.  I have always believed Friday the 13th is an auspicious day to honor the sacred feminine in us all. Regrettably, Friday the 13th is demonized as a day of bad luck. If you do not know why, your patriarchy may be showing and it is time to roll back some herstory:

Friday is the day of Venus, of Freya and Frigg, of the Goddess and the Divine Femininity.  Thirteen is the number of female reproductive cycles which average every 28 days over the course of a calendar year. As such, they are also known as moon cycles. 

The 13 moons in a year disordered the 12 month ecclesiastical calendar, an inconvenience of the natural world over the control of man. The potential of creativity held within feminine power was feared and suppressed with tales of ill fortune.

Feminine markers became linked by patriarchal religion to the unlucky:  Eve proffered the forbidden fruit to Adam – when? On a Friday. 13 at the Last Supper followed by death – when? On a Friday.  Attempts to control feminine power extended to women on their natural monthly cycle; they and anything they touched at that time were said to be unclean.

Monthly moon cycles are not dirty but sacred.  Do not accept societal control of blame and shame.  The power of women to contain life within is an awesome force akin to the creativity of the Earth herself.

Honor these cycles of creation, death and rebirth. Find time to meditate, move your body and connect to your power. Align yourself with the moon’s phases and signs.  Throw some bones, cards or charms in divination. Respect intuitive and psychic messages that come through on this day and every Friday the 13th.  Work your magick.

Election Day, USA 2020: Petition for Order & Justice

Mercury Stations Direct today, the USA Election Day, November 3, 2020 at 12:44 p.m. The last time Mercury Stationed Direct from a Retrograde on a USA Election Day was November 7, 2000 at 9:20 p.m.

Clinton was leaving the second term in office. Democrats sought to elect Gore. Mercury Rx and then SD. Communication snafus ensued. Amidst disarray and disorder, the party in power changed, the White House incumbent vacating for the next inhabitant.

If this year follows the year 2000 power shift, then the Democrats may be returning to the West Wing. We’ll see once the clouds of dust settle. There are many particles of disambiguation yet to fall.

In 2000, 61K ballots had been missed by the tabulation machines in Florida. A recount was underway until the Bush campaign had the US Supreme Court halt the recount. Despite dissent, the recount was stopped.  Florida’s 25 electoral votes were awarded to Bush. 

Had every legally cast vote been counted, that result would have been different. Had a state wide recount been allowed by the US Supreme Court, Gore would have taken Florida and the US Presidency.

Counting every legally cast vote will again be an issue this year. When transiting Saturn opposed the USA Mercury, the incumbent government blocked funding for the Post Office in an admitted attempt to suppress mail in voting.

The current US Pluto return is creating a natal excitation for this year’s Election. Mercury is Retrograde in the birth chart of the USA opposing Pluto and Pluto has returned to its natal placement. With the midpoint of transiting Saturn and Pluto opposing the USA Mercury, communication breakdowns can lead to breakthroughs with old structures fragmenting and new ones forming.

Mercury Retrograde Stationing Direct today augurs another unsettled Election Day decision. There will be many mail in ballots to be tabulated.   It may be weeks or months until there is a final decision.

There will be more clarity when Jupiter conjoins Pluto at 22° Capricorn on November 12 and Mars Stations Direct at 15°Aries on November 13. As the New Moon in Scorpio grows in illumination, it shines to uncover what was previously hidden. The Full Moon in Gemini this November at 8°38 Gemini is a Lunar Eclipse.

When the Moon moves into the Earth’s shadow, the light of the Sun is blocked. There is often an emotional upheaval at a Lunar Eclipse, a final ending and the breaking of a current cycle. If you know any Gemini Sun natives born at a Lunar Eclipse, counsel them that this November, the influence of others drives their fate and the time to say goodbye is nigh.

Until then, we invoke the blessing of Themis, Goddess of Law whose blessings fall on the fair and the true. Mistress of order, we entreat you to hear the cry for justice.  May those that are your eyes, ears, and hands on Earth act with honor.

Samhain Full Moon Surprise October 31, 2020

Today October 31 at 10:49 AM Eastern, we celebrate Samhain and the turning of the wheel of the year to the darker half when the veil between the worlds is the thinnest.

The Full Moon is in the sign of Taurus conjoin Uranus the awakener.
A surprising release may come out of the blue to change a longed fixed position of value in your life. Emotions will be at a high point.

The first Full Moon in October was the Harvest Moon in which we reaped what was sown. Look back and see what was harvested this year. Today’s Full Moon in late October is the Hunter Moon which shines brighter and longer, allowing more illumination.

See what has come out of the shadow. What is the Moon highlighting?

Sun in Scorpio swirls up intense raw emotion from the depths, in this time of pain, there is rich discovery and subterranean knowing to be processed.

The Universe is wise and seeks your ultimate go. Startling change gives us all an opportunity to live a more authentic life. Honor your Ancestors and ask for their guidance. Visualize and count your blessings. Make magick.

Blessed Be.

Saturn Stations Direct 9/29/20

Saturn Stations Direct this evening at 25° Capricorn.  If you have any planets, angles or sensitive points at 23°-27° of the Cardinal signs, this is the second hit of Saturn in the cycle of the retrograde.
Saturn has been in this part of the Zodiac since the first week of February 2020 and the next and last hit will occur before the first week of the new year. What has been brewing in your Capricorn house or near 23°-27° of the Cardinal signs for you since then and what is happening now?

Shine Time 2020

The Sun’s shift into Leo is the time to shine. We are off the hook for the merest of moments as the focus of Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter have only Mercury to oppose them. You’ll feel your shoulders relax and the knots in your neck release when Mercury slips into Leo on August 4th, no longer answering to the heaviness of Cancer and shifting our emotions with the moon every 2.5 days.

In the first week of August, the celebration of the 1st harvest of grain is celebrated. At Lughnasadh, people would assemble and play games, to give thanks for the abundance and plenty of high summer. It was the time to begin reaping what had been sown in the early Spring, the community working together to gather up the good from the hard work of the months previous.

1st Harvest Loaf Mass Altar

The first loaves of bread from the season’s grain were baked. The last sheaf would be brought into the hearth of the house to be returned to the earth and plowed back in at the next planting in Spring. Vegetables, flowers and herbs were collected into a cornucopia and laid out on an altar to be blessed. The rest of the first harvest was stored for later use, some set aside in root cellars, saved fermented or made into infusions.

Talented artisans and healers would set up shop in the village green to be celebrated for their skills and to hawk their wares. The Sun in Leo is the height of the natural world, and the traditional time for festivals and harvest magic. In my training as an herbalist, I glean plants and flowers of the season using electional astrology and talismanic magic, cull them at the time specific to intention and craft them into elixirs. These tinctures, flower and gem essences can be used externally and internally.

If you are in need of alignment with the magic and mystery of the Universe, turn to our trusty solar system and the celestial healing of earth and sky. Allow the plant and gem teachers to combine their intelligent guidance and gently support you in service to your evolution.

We need the support of the natural world now more than ever. We are living through a time when Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter are all in the sign of Capricorn, symbolized by the goat with horns and fish’s tail.

The star Capra was named after Amalthea, a nurturing nature spirit that took the form of a goat. She was entrusted with the sole care of infant deity, rearing him on her milk in a cold dark cave. Amalthea allowed herself to be fashioned into an invincible shield, the Aegis, to provide protection from Kronos, the god of time. Her actions set aside personal interest as a sacrifice for the greater good to safeguard future abundance. The harvest season’s plenty was collected in one of Amalthea’s horns, to create the Cornucopia. The little she goat was immortalized in the sky and the Fixed Star Capella is said to be her horn.

The goat embodies the lessons of Capricorn which show us how to survive under difficult conditions, withstand hardship, making the best use of our skills and what is provided by our surroundings. Know that shouldering responsibility, especially when the world is full of challenge, begins with self care.

The weekend of August 15th starts with sweetness and comfort as the Moon conjoins Venus in Cancer. Rest that day and motivate in the following two days as trines to Mars from Mercury and Sun engender activity and communicating with confidence.

The New Moon at 26°35′ Leo occurs on August 18th. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is “The Luminescence of Dawn in the Eastern Sky” which brightens the world, promises new opportunities, and strengthens us in preparation for the next cycle if challenges. We will need resilience and patience when Mars meets in the first of his squares with Saturn on August 24th. Until then, slough away the dross of the past months and take some time now to shine.

Exhale & Inspire – Air Time

Can you feel it?

The lessening of pressure. The breath of fresh air. The sensation of unwinding and rewinding.

What’s that about?

Working backwards, Taurus time had us stress baking, Aries time had us railing against the system, Pisces time brought confusion and difficulties with keeping proper boundaries. Social distancing commenced as the Sun and Saturn entered fixed air Aquarius. The New Year greeted the world with a 5 planet Capricorn stellium and a somber tone. Jupiter and Pluto remain in Capricorn. Earth energy pressurizing and weighing on us. 

With the recent retrogrades, we’re returning to an earlier time. Restrictions are beginning to be lifted. Alternate side of the street parking has returned to NYC.

April 25, 2020 Pluto Stations Retrograde until Oct 4, 2020 Station Direct

May 10, 2020 Saturn Stations Retrograde until Sept 28, 2020

May 13, 2020 Venus Stations Retrograde until June 25, 2020 Station Direct

May 14, 2020 Jupiter Stations Retrograde until Sept 12, 2020 Station Direct

When a retrograde planet stations direct and begins to move out from the degrees of the retrograde shadow, we regain perspective. Take note of the dates above to see when perspective shifted and will shift again. Now we can collectively catch our breath and prepare for the long haul in late summer/early autumn.

We are informed by making another lap, back tracking to where we have been to get closer to the issue.   When planets appear to retrograde, they are essentially coming closest to the Earth.  This proximity is experienced as an intensification which can scramble our bearings.

If you can keep your wits about you while all others are losing theirs – yours is the Earth. (Rudyard Kipling- Capricorn Sun/Jupiter, Gemini Moon/MC)

We return to see what we missed the first time.  Back to the scene of the crime, the spleen of the chyme, the queen of the prime, the keen of the mime, the blade of the mind. It is Gemini time and we will have a month ahead of wit and wisecracks, repartee, ripostes and raillery.

The point of these aphorisms is a re-minder to use this limited period of freedom wisely. Don’t run with scissors. The handling of all keen edges requires training and experience. Now the Sun, Mercury, Venus and the North Node are in Gemini, the sign of mutable air, the most movable and airiest of air. The energy is kinetic, curious, mental and frantic. Gemini time is about games, not of chance, but of learning and development. 

Create. Relate. Participate. Collaborate. Be inspired and inspiring.

Look to more Air ahead.  Jupiter will conjoin Saturn at 0° Aquarius on the Winter Solstice, the first day in the sign of Capricorn.  December 21, 2020 is the official start of the next Jupiter/Saturn great conjunction, a 200-year elemental cycle that expresses the arc of time. 

We are now in an Earth cycle which was preceded by a Fire cycle and will be followed by the coming Air cycle. During an Earth cycle material practicalities occupy us: farming, mining, development of land, attainment of wealth, and creation of societal structures.

Before a cycle ends, there is a 20-year toe dip of the next cycle that tests the waters to give a preliminary view through the keyhole of time. Our 20-year sneak peak of Air occurred from 1980-2000 when computers and the internet came to the fore. As the 200-year cycle of Air approaches, we are already seeing the upswing of online and cellular technology as the primary mode of communication.  

We will need mental acuity for what comes next. Sharpen your sword.

April Libra Full Moon Haiku

What did the Moon see?
A gang of robbers hiding
social privilege.

The state of Georgia was founded on January 2, 1788.  A natal chart for Georgia set for noon shows an Ascendant of 18°10’ Libra. Today’s April 7, 2020 Moon occurs at 10:35 pm Eastern at 18°43’ Libra.  The Sabian Symbol for this degree in Libra is a gang of robbers hiding.

The sign of Libra strives for balance between polarities with a higher expression of social justice and dedication to humanity at large. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus.  Venus generally rules personal values, vocalization, financial standing, beauty and concordance. Venus is presently out of bounds by declination.  This OOB Venus crosses the line in order to have more, to be greedy, to over indulge, with acquisitiveness, avarice, rapacity and grasping behavior.

Venus is presently in the sign of Gemini. Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, presently in detriment in the sign of Pisces. Jupiter rules Pisces and governs big business, wealth, gambling, speculative ventures and the law. Jupiter is presently in detriment in the sign of Capricorn. When planets are in signs of their detriment, it is less likely that they can serve in their higher expression.

Kelly Loeffler, the Senator for Georgia has professed to dumping $18 million in retail stocks and purchasing shares in companies selling Personal Protective Equipment such as medical gowns, and telework software companies after receiving classified briefings on Coronavirus.  Her husband is the CEO of Intercontinental Exchange and a chairman of the NY Stock Exchange.

David Purdue, the other Senator for Georgia, increased his stock transactions nearly threefold after receiving classified briefings on Coronavirus. He purchased stock from a chemical company that supplies Protective Personal Equipment and stock from streaming entertainment provider Netflix while selling his shares in Caesar Entertainment, a casino company whose properties has been shuttered due to the COVID-19 crisis.

According to Senate rules, their actions do not constitute insider trading.

Justice is Libra’s Tarot Card. Justice seeks accountability, equilibrium, truth, fairness and the law.

Today, the Wisconsin polling areas are surrounded by people in line 6 feet apart, exercising their right to vote. The Supreme Court handed down a decision yesterday evening forcing Wisconsin residents to choose between voting and staying safe. Some voters are willing to risk their lives in order to safeguard American democracy.

The five conservative justices on the Supreme Court rolled back an absentee-ballot extension that would have provided voters another week to submit ballots by mail. Their decision is a portentous sign of what actions the Court will allow elected officials to get away with during the COVID-19 outbreak, even as those actions impair our representative democracy.

The goings on in this one state may not seem important now but Wisconsin is a battleground state. Voters in big cities are more liberal. Blocking mail ballots will skew results in a conservative direction. This has implications with electoral college votes in the upcoming Presidential election.

In a constitutional republic, voters voices should be heard, not silenced. Recall that the planet that governs the voice is Venus. Venus’s wish is not only for ease and luxury but also harmony, truth and balance. If this current crisis has you on overload, evaluate your life, weigh your choices and make what matters most a priority. Look to your relationship with others, yourself, what you value and hold sacred. Nourish your authenticity and preserve your integrity – even if others do not.