Virgo Moon: Feeling Catty February 27, 2021

The Virgo New Moon perfects early today!

If you were restless last night, know that the Virgo FM is a marker for sleeplessness as it is busy making and vexing to the nerves. We can be agitated, communicating with barbs or back-biting. If you are seeking soothing feels, look to being of service to the earth. Create a habit of composting your food materials and plan a Spring garden, even if just for herbs on your window sill.

The Virgo Moon is part of a T-square with the Saturn Uranus constriction and rebellion, which is the challenging signature for 2021. The Full Moon is a tension aspect of opposition and a Mercury-ruled Moon keeps the brain firing. Use this to take care of mission-critical steps to your goals. Be discerning and feel where you embody negative patterns and use ritual to detox and cleanse. Gaze at the Moon, take deep breaths and reach for those angsty places, and then exhale out your tension and worry.

Gather your busy mind, turn within and be of service to yourself and others. The Moon reflects the light of Pisces Sun, enhancing receptivity and sensitivity. Do the work of the Sun and take a swim in your personal ocean of intuition to connect with your internal guides. Do the work of the Moon and take out your to-do list and get busy checking items off.

Follow the guidance from Moon mavens you trust, such as Ronnie of Dell Horoscope. She recommends gathering your crystals, wands, and healing tools and placing them out under the light of the Moon for deep cleansing and purification.

It is time to make a change and take some start and stop strides towards your dreams. Don’t worry about taking a step back in order to go onward. Life is rarely a straight and forward line. Follow your gut need for change and rebellion; surf that energy brewing all year so that your SHIFT HAPPENS!

Sending Full Moon blessings and love to you and all sentient beings.

p.s. The Virgo Moon rules beloved pets and small animals – h/t to cats of astrology.