Yule Solstice 2020: Dancing with the Stars

Blessings of the Winter Solstice! The Sun is reborn, energizing the Earth and all of her inhabitants. Today, the Great Mutation of Jupiter and Saturn ushers in a transition to the next era, an Age of Air. This is an epic event, a celestial chassé. For the next 200 years, a renaissance of communication, collaboration, and innovation will arise. Enhancements in art, music, medicine, and technology will be birthed from strife and conflict.

Look back to Oct 26. 1980-August 13, 1981 when Jupiter and Saturn met for a brief preview of air themes in the early degrees of Libra. Now as then, we are being called to evolve and unfold our potential to become our more authentic selves. We will be leaving behind the unbridled materialism of the last 200 years of the Earth era as we edge forward to expand communities of learning, healing, and social justice.

The symbol of Air is the Sword. Honor and cut loose from the chaos and tragedy of 2020. We have been tempered in 2020 with hammer blows; our broken places, reforged. We keep hold of the lessons brought in this past year and decade.  Today, we entreat the bountiful divine to guide us forward with goals to manifest our potentials.

Find some time to go outside at sunset and look into the heavens for Jupiter and Saturn conjoined, dancing together by declination. Breathe the crisp air. Ruminate in the rich darkness.  Mentally select the seeds to sow and sprout. Speak your spells and truths aloud. Trust your mind and follow your heart. Happy Yule!

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