Fortunate Friday the 13th

Celebrate Friday the 13th with women’s wisdom and spirituality.  I have always believed Friday the 13th is an auspicious day to honor the sacred feminine in us all. Regrettably, Friday the 13th is demonized as a day of bad luck. If you do not know why, your patriarchy may be showing and it is time to roll back some herstory:

Friday is the day of Venus, of Freya and Frigg, of the Goddess and the Divine Femininity.  Thirteen is the number of female reproductive cycles which average every 28 days over the course of a calendar year. As such, they are also known as moon cycles. 

The 13 moons in a year disordered the 12 month ecclesiastical calendar, an inconvenience of the natural world over the control of man. The potential of creativity held within feminine power was feared and suppressed with tales of ill fortune.

Feminine markers became linked by patriarchal religion to the unlucky:  Eve proffered the forbidden fruit to Adam – when? On a Friday. 13 at the Last Supper followed by death – when? On a Friday.  Attempts to control feminine power extended to women on their natural monthly cycle; they and anything they touched at that time were said to be unclean.

Monthly moon cycles are not dirty but sacred.  Do not accept societal control of blame and shame.  The power of women to contain life within is an awesome force akin to the creativity of the Earth herself.

Honor these cycles of creation, death and rebirth. Find time to meditate, move your body and connect to your power. Align yourself with the moon’s phases and signs.  Throw some bones, cards or charms in divination. Respect intuitive and psychic messages that come through on this day and every Friday the 13th.  Work your magick.

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