Fortunate Friday the 13th

Celebrate Friday the 13th with women’s wisdom and spirituality.  I have always believed Friday the 13th is an auspicious day to honor the sacred feminine in us all. Regrettably, Friday the 13th is demonized as a day of bad luck. If you do not know why, your patriarchy may be showing and it is time to roll back some herstory:

Friday is the day of Venus, of Freya and Frigg, of the Goddess and the Divine Femininity.  Thirteen is the number of female reproductive cycles which average every 28 days over the course of a calendar year. As such, they are also known as moon cycles. 

The 13 moons in a year disordered the 12 month ecclesiastical calendar, an inconvenience of the natural world over the control of man. The potential of creativity held within feminine power was feared and suppressed with tales of ill fortune.

Feminine markers became linked by patriarchal religion to the unlucky:  Eve proffered the forbidden fruit to Adam – when? On a Friday. 13 at the Last Supper followed by death – when? On a Friday.  Attempts to control feminine power extended to women on their natural monthly cycle; they and anything they touched at that time were said to be unclean.

Monthly moon cycles are not dirty but sacred.  Do not accept societal control of blame and shame.  The power of women to contain life within is an awesome force akin to the creativity of the Earth herself.

Honor these cycles of creation, death and rebirth. Find time to meditate, move your body and connect to your power. Align yourself with the moon’s phases and signs.  Throw some bones, cards or charms in divination. Respect intuitive and psychic messages that come through on this day and every Friday the 13th.  Work your magick.

Election Day, USA 2020: Petition for Order & Justice

Mercury Stations Direct today, the USA Election Day, November 3, 2020 at 12:44 p.m. The last time Mercury Stationed Direct from a Retrograde on a USA Election Day was November 7, 2000 at 9:20 p.m.

Clinton was leaving the second term in office. Democrats sought to elect Gore. Mercury Rx and then SD. Communication snafus ensued. Amidst disarray and disorder, the party in power changed, the White House incumbent vacating for the next inhabitant.

If this year follows the year 2000 power shift, then the Democrats may be returning to the West Wing. We’ll see once the clouds of dust settle. There are many particles of disambiguation yet to fall.

In 2000, 61K ballots had been missed by the tabulation machines in Florida. A recount was underway until the Bush campaign had the US Supreme Court halt the recount. Despite dissent, the recount was stopped.  Florida’s 25 electoral votes were awarded to Bush. 

Had every legally cast vote been counted, that result would have been different. Had a state wide recount been allowed by the US Supreme Court, Gore would have taken Florida and the US Presidency.

Counting every legally cast vote will again be an issue this year. When transiting Saturn opposed the USA Mercury, the incumbent government blocked funding for the Post Office in an admitted attempt to suppress mail in voting.

The current US Pluto return is creating a natal excitation for this year’s Election. Mercury is Retrograde in the birth chart of the USA opposing Pluto and Pluto has returned to its natal placement. With the midpoint of transiting Saturn and Pluto opposing the USA Mercury, communication breakdowns can lead to breakthroughs with old structures fragmenting and new ones forming.

Mercury Retrograde Stationing Direct today augurs another unsettled Election Day decision. There will be many mail in ballots to be tabulated.   It may be weeks or months until there is a final decision.

There will be more clarity when Jupiter conjoins Pluto at 22° Capricorn on November 12 and Mars Stations Direct at 15°Aries on November 13. As the New Moon in Scorpio grows in illumination, it shines to uncover what was previously hidden. The Full Moon in Gemini this November at 8°38 Gemini is a Lunar Eclipse.

When the Moon moves into the Earth’s shadow, the light of the Sun is blocked. There is often an emotional upheaval at a Lunar Eclipse, a final ending and the breaking of a current cycle. If you know any Gemini Sun natives born at a Lunar Eclipse, counsel them that this November, the influence of others drives their fate and the time to say goodbye is nigh.

Until then, we invoke the blessing of Themis, Goddess of Law whose blessings fall on the fair and the true. Mistress of order, we entreat you to hear the cry for justice.  May those that are your eyes, ears, and hands on Earth act with honor.