Living in the Material World

Art by Helena Nelson-Reed

Blessed Ostara! The Spring Equinox occurs this evening when the Sun ingresses into Aries 10 minutes before midnight. Living in the material world, we need to be aware that the Earth is alive and reacting to the care and neglect by our hands. (humming George Harrison here, not Madonna)

We thank Mother Earth for her bounty. We honor the cosmos for keeping time along which we can align our lives to. Astrologically the planets are below the horizon in the Washington, D.C. Aries Ingress chart and here in the US, practically no one is out and about. Even the North Node in Cancer is pointing us home.

The Aries Sun is in the domestic 4th house of hearth and family, guiding us to stay close to home and focus our will there. The Aquarius Moon is in the 3rd house of locality and connection. We can still communicate emotionally on the interwebs and keep with social distancing.

Fixed Scorpio rises on the Ascendant and with fixed Taurus on the 6th house of illness, there will be containment but the current state of affairs will not be over anytime soon. It will take some time to clear the disease completely (2023?) as the viruses changes, waxes, wanes and lays groundwork for a different type of infection down the road.

Mars meets Jupiter tomorrow 3/20 for a spot of luck.
Mars meets Pluto on 3/31 for a tug of war.
Mars meets Saturn 3/31 at 0° Aquarius, taking us to the next level of reality. Channel the anger and anxiety that has been constricted within to better prioritize actions for right now and the future.

Enjoy the warm, kumbaya vibes from Venus in Taurus while you can. This changes April 3rd when Venus shifts to Gemini for a different take on social distancing.

Watch that clump of planets in the 2H Aries Ingress chart. The 2H ruler is Jupiter in Fall – there will be more than one financial concern needing your attention. Clarify who and what really, truly matters to you.