January 26-28, 2019 Venus / Mars & Neptune Fog

This weekend Venus and Mars come into aspect. Sparks will fly between the feminine and the masculine.

Don’t start nothing, won’t be nothing. 

1/26/2020: Venus square Mars from 16° Pisces to 16° Sagittarius creating tension which can be experienced as argumentative or passionate. Venus is especially sensitive now so be aware that the feminine can be challenged by the masculine. Don’t turn things into a tearful fight unless you’re looking for one and instead, consciously relate on what can become promising, on a physical or creative level.

By planetary order, Mars is located further out from the Sun than Venus. By speed of movement, Venus moves faster then Mars. In my study of astrology, I have been taught that the slower moving planet is superior to the faster planet and exerts more weight.

Is the feminine to then always be on the back foot?
Let’s look out into the galaxy, to the planetary bodies at the outer edges of our knowing. Here we find Ceres, goddess of agriculture, followed by Pluto, lord of the underworld, and then Eris, the martial lady of strife and discord. 

1/26/2020: Pluto and Eris come together for the first of five squares, this one from 23° Capricorn to 23° Aries. Pluto makes fractious Her vexation, intensifying and triggering in a way that escalates Her experience of non inclusion.  Eris is ready to throw down chaos in order to hold space, but first she must make that space to inhabit. 

Here the cosmos is teaching us to make space for feminine power. The Moon shifts from Aquarius into Pisces and airy insights turn liquid and even psychic.

1/27/2020: Venus conjunct Neptune at 16° Pisces can open us up to the wiles of glamour in which someone presents as a prince or princess when in fact, they’re a regular Joe/Josie. Rather than commit in the midst of a murky haze, rest and connect with your spirit. Flow with yoga, enjoy inspirational music or a relaxing spa day with grooming or beauty.

1/28/2020: Mars square Neptune from 16°Sagittarius to 16° Pisces brings in a weighty fog that slows us down into a torpor, obscures and confuses. This is not the time to work on that puzzle that has been confounding you. Escape with a suspenseful mystery on film or make art.

The Pisces Moon meets with Venus and Neptune amplifying the feels. Allow yourself to disentangle and unfurl. Settle your soul with soothing repose and a long soaking bath. Take this tranquility time to dream and reflect on what you are grateful for.

Slow. Flow. Let Go.

We are surrounded by mist that cloud clarity. Take care how you navigate. This fog will make it easy over the weekend for Venus and Mars to fall into an affray.

Mars is now in the fires of Sagittarius. He is egocentric but has no dignity. Mars will be quick to assert himself without considering others, manspreading on public transit while the pregnant lady is holding on to the ceiling strap.

The way is murky now. Venus exalted in Pisces cautions us to be aware that others are sharing the space. Take it slow and make the effort to reach out with sensitivity because you are not here alone. Venus guides us to invite them all to the party, most especially Eris.

Make space. Hold space. There is space enough for everyone.

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