V/R, Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto

The great conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn occurring near a year of the USA national presidential elections often presage a deadly incident to the elected principle.  This pattern shows in years evenly divisible by 20 and has been known as the Curse of Tippecanoe. Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley and Kennedy were taken by assassination after Jupiter Saturn conjunctions. Reagan, who had the guidance of Joan Quigley, survived an attack in 1981.

By 1982/1983 the cycle of Saturn conjoin Pluto was in effect. The Reagan administration had brought on the rise of conservatives in the US, an escalation of the Cold War and a severe economic recession, the worst financial downturn since the Great Depression. In the same period, the CDC identified the HIV infection and the World Health Organization met for the first time to discuss the global AIDS epidemic. The computer was selected as Time Magazine’s person of the year and Motorola introduced the first mobile phones to retail.

The previous Saturn Pluto conjunction in 1946/1947 brought the end to WWII as the USA installed a new world order, beginning the Cold War. The influx of highly contagious Polio was infecting children worldwide, causing paralysis and death. The World Health Organization was created, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted. The first mobile phone was invented and the American pilot Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier, traveling faster than the speed of sound.

The Saturn Pluto conjunction of 1914/1915 began WWI as colonial expansionist empires came to collapse, causing the first massive death toll of 37 million from poisonous gas warfare. Women were empowered, advocating for suffrage with a march on 5th Avenue in NYC. Alexander Graham Bell initiated transcontinental telephone service with the first long distance call.

The Saturn Pluto conjunction of 1518 CE brought the fall of the Aztec empire and the conquests of Spain. The Dancing Plague strikes Strasbourg in the Holy Roman Empire. The infected are struck with an uncontrollable urge to dance, dying from exhaustion, stroke and heart seizure. Martin Luther’s writings are condemned as conflicting with the teachings of the church. The Royal College of Physicians is founded in London and receives a royal charter to study and classify disease. Ambroise Pare and Leonard Botal of France, Bartholomeo Maggi of Bologna, Felix Wurtz of Zurich and Thomas Gale of England separately publish their work, pioneering the treatment of gunshot wounds and forensic pathology with surgical technique and battlefield medicine.

The Saturn Pluto conjunction of 1284 CE brought Kublai Khan to power. Marco Polo returns to Europe to write his Book of Various Experiences, communicating his adventures in Asia. The book enjoys widespread reading. Prussia is infected with a new species of worms with poisonous sting and swarms of flies bring pestilential fever to Spain which decimate the French Army warring on Arragon. A sheep from Spain is imported to England and causes the first rot which infects the country, lasting for 25 year and leaving few sheep alive. The Chinese develop the first prototype cannon.

The Saturn Pluto conjunction of 783 CE brought Charlemagne to power. He launched a 30 year military campaign to conquer the lands of what would ultimately become Europe. Viking raiders led their own conquests, raiding by land and sea. The Huns brought the seeds of the first plague pandemic from Central Asia which spread from Egypt to the Mediterranean. The Chinese invent gunpowder primarily for fireworks. The Abbasids take control of the Omayyad Caliphate and extend power, improving communications within the empire and founding schools and towns. Wu Hou becomes Empress of China, strengthening the T’ang Dynasty as the first woman to reign.

If the past tells the tale for the future, the messages from Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto point to collapse of old power structures, identification of epidemic illness, pandemic loss of life, advances in technology, communication, medicine and demonstrations of human rights.

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