On the Edge of Moon Madness

Around the time of the Perigee Lunar Libration, emotions will be on the edge.  There is a keen state of excitement, palpable risk or danger. Take care.  This is a precarious time when people affected by this type of lunation can push past the boundaries of acceptable behavior into lunacy.

The point on the Moon’s orbit when closest to the Earth is called Perigee. When at Perigee, the Moon’s orbital speed is faster than its rotational speed. This causes the Moon to rock and wobble, north to south and east to west in a Lunar Libration.

When a New Moon or Full Moon occurs the Moon’s perigee, it is known as a Supermoon.  The nearness of the Supermoon lunation to Earth and the speed and motion of the Lunar Libration coincides with an escalation in the expression of our emotions.

Be cautious of your surroundings this August for a week at the beginning of the month and a week at the end of the month.  The proximity of Mars to the lunations amplifies ill temper and impulsiveness.  The New Moon in Leo and the New Moon in Virgo are subject to a measure of moon madness.

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