Virgo Moon conjoins Regulus

This weekend held the world in thrall with the royal wedding of Meghan and Harry.  Some awaited with baited breath to clock the time of the proceedings which gives the marriage chart an early degree Virgo Rising.

Today’s Virgo Moon conjoins the marriage chart Ascendant and the Fixed Star, Regulus.  Fixed Stars are a category of stars that move so slowly they appear static from our viewpoint on Earth.  Unlike the planets and other stars that wander and flicker along the ecliptic, the Fixed Stars shine with a fixity and intentness.

Of the Fixed Stars, four are the Royal Stars and Guardians of the sky.  They mark the compass points East/West, North/South accordingly – Aldebaran, Antares, Fomalhaut and the Regulus, the most Royal.   If you seeking to instill a long lasting mark, elect a chart with the important astrological factor conjoin the appropriate Fixed Star.

Regulus, Alpha Leonis, the brightest star in the constellation of Leo is known as the King Maker. This star is associated with dignity, courage, fame, elevated position, and royalty.  This weekend, Leo actress, stylista and humanitarian, Meghan Markle married royalty to become the entitled Her Royal Highness, Princess of Wales and Duchess of Sussex.

Markle Wed.jpg

Ceres, the asteroid of feminine fertility, rises in the first house of the marriage chart to conjoin Meghan’s Sun.  Juno the asteroid of marriage is conjoin the marriage chart Midheaven.  In her natal chart, Meghan’s Ceres is being expanded by transiting Jupiter retrograding back and forth at the doorway of her fruitful Scorpio 5th house, the house of pleasure and creative acts.

Meghan’s Ceres is followed by Uranus, Neptune, Juno, Moon and Vesta.  Keywords for these energies in the sequence in which these planetary energies will rise above the horizon are fertility –> surprise –> fantasy –> marriage –> motherhood –> hearth and home.  That this mirrors the timeline of the newest royal couple’s coupling, we will see.


If you’re shocked that a stylish American divorcee pulled off the wedding of the century with her beloved royal prince, note that Meghan and Harry are right on time tracking with the Universe.  The last time Uranus was in Taurus 82 years ago for an 8 year stay, a stylish American divorcee caught the eye of a royal prince.

Edward, the man who would be King, stepped down from the throne to win Wallis Simpson.  Edward VIII rubbed shoulders with das Fuhrer, who sought to restore Ed to the British throne as the abdication prevented his Nazi sympathizer politics from becoming those of the UK.

How very shocking it is that these American’s married into the royal family?  You decide.  Breakdown. Breakthrough.