Gemini New Moon 2016

The Gemini New Moon on June 4th reawakens the Mutable Grand Cross with a conjunction to Venus, squaring Jupiter and North Node in Virgo, squaring Neptune and South Node in Pisces and opposing Saturn in Sagittarius.

Gemini is a sign of duality.  There will be options coming in from the angles of the Mutual Grand Cross.  Time your choices accordingly in this month ahead.

NM Gemini 2016

Neptune in Pisces brings illusion, confusion and awakens Spirit in your process.  South Node in Pisces is our internal introspection, musing isolated in our silos.  Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo are critical of our knowledge base and the health of our self-care.   Seek a path to mastery.  Look into that class you always planned to take.  Prepare to acquire that certification in your chosen field.

Venus is cazimi June 4-6, 2016 , within 17 minutes of the Sun.  An activation of the Gemini Venus Star Point occurs at the time of the New Moon, a bright moment to manifest the benefic vibration of Venus.  Sun Venus answers to Mercury:  Speak your truth.  Say aloud what you dream for yourself and the world.  Access the planetary factors this way and active your thymus gland.  Words have Magick.  More tomorrow with a Ritual for this Esbat.




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