Cardinal T-Square & Grand Cross

Since Imbolc this year, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto have been squaring off in a triangulation called a T-Square.  This astrological pattern occurs when two planets are in opposition to each other and a third one squares off each of them in a right angle, placing itself directly in their midst.


To find this in your Whole Sign chart:

The Opposition- Place Jupiter in your Cancer house. Place Pluto in your Capricorn House.     The Square – Place Uranus in your Aries house.

Come April, all of this comes to a head when Mars enters to oppose Uranus.

Place Mars in your Libra house.

A week before Beltane, the triangulation will become a true square with all four planets at 90 degrees squaring off against each other.   This aspect perfects on April 23rd  at 13 degrees of the Cardinal Signs.

This is an incredibly tense aspect that cannot be ignored.  Cardinal signs Act and they Act Fast. Whatever it is that you need to deal with will be coming around the corner, right at you.  Do not attempt to try to avoid whatever it is, even if it hurts.

Face up. Face off.

Are any of these planets aspecting the natal planets of you or yours? Make a plan on what to do if this is happening.  If you need help, click my Facebook link at the top right and send me a message to schedule a consultation.